The cheese stands alone

We started a fractured fairy tale camp today, so I got to have my moment in the spotlight looking like an overgrown dwarf in a green sport coat and green elf hat. (I was talking about all the stories with a Jack...beanstalk, giant killer, house that Jack built, the Masters tournament at Augusta...) Also got to wear a pink fairy tutu, a Wisconsin cheese head, and a rat hat. Later in the afternoon one of the five years olds came up to me and said, "I think I saw you before. Was that you on up stage or somebody else?" A six year old told me, "If you are kind to me, I will come work here when I grow up."

On the way home another one of my car windows refused to roll back up. Now I am down to two windows that can be opened with any hope of closing again, and the driver's window is not one of them. "No drive-throughs for you", said the automotive troll.

Another opening, another show,
another window that will not close...

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