Who are you???

Steven had a fine lesson in auto repairs yesterday. We went to the muffler place to get a new tailpipe, and they told him the muffler was rusted out, and so the whole adventure cost $158 instead of forty. We sat around at Quiznos pondering life's questions like, "How do I know if they're telling me the truth?", "Did that estimate include labor?", and "What if I don't have enough money?" I said, "Congratulations, welcome to the Wonderful World of Adults."

I can waste all sorts of time pondering the One Stat list of visitors to this blog. It never really tells me what I'd like to know. Who are you? You out there in Ghana or Horseheads, New York, how are you? Did you relate to anything here? What search led you to this blog? I understand if it was totally a mistake. You were hoping for the secrets of cricket eradication or teaching hamsters to dance, and you ended up at this blog. Happens to me all the time. Today I will have to search for pink paper bags so that my students can make superhero pigs. Searching "Pink Bags" will probably lead me to sites for naughty Czech housewives. When that happens I probably won't write a comment, but if you have a second, I would love for you to comment on how you hit this blog, and if you know a good place to get pink bags. Thanks. Y'all come back now, y'hear.

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