When a Blue & Gold Banquet Goes Seriously Wrong

My Blogspot banner is now advertising "poison dart frog jello recipes"! Now there is a visual. Would that be green jello with frogs and miniature marshmallows, or yellow jello with frogs and pimentos? It can't be the red hospital jello cubes with whipped cream. That would be so very wrong.

Been to many Cub Scout Blue & Gold Banquets as a sister and a mom of scouts. These are terrifying potlucks, since tradition calls for the boys to go through the line first touching and breathing on everything.

I always preferred the Boy Scout pancake feeds of my youth. These were held on the coldest weekend of the year in the neighborhood Presbyterian Church basement. We KNEW it would be ten below if the scouts were having the pancake feed. Dads would cook the pancakes and link sausages, and they were creators of perfect comfort food. The actual Boy Scouts were clearing up, carrying plates, being nice to little kids, and looking like healthy citizens of the future. Absolutely everyone we knew went to the pancake feed, and then stood around "visiting" all evening. The church lobby and hallways would be lined with heavy coats and drippy galoshes. It was just about the safest feeling I've ever known; a warm, brightly-lit log cabin surrounded by crunchy snow and air so cold it drilled holes in your skull, all blessed and by God, Jesus, Family, Aunt Jemima, and the Boy Scouts of America.

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