Palm Sunday

Lizards of several sizes and colors sun on my back fence. The tiny baby ones dark brown, the larger ones more orangish than usual. These anoles are my totem animal. Just before the divorce in '96 I went to work at the HP library. The lizards sunned all around the HP town hall, on the stone and stucco walls, amidst the beautiful azaleas, and sometimes right inside the library. They insisted I slow down and watch them, and soak up the sun myself. They demanded my full attention, and made me let go of fears and worries. In early '97 we moved into these condos, and the spring brought the lizards out on our window sills, brick walls, and back fence. That summer we watched them swim on the surface of the illuminated pool on summer nights. We had to marvel at a heart beating in such a tiny body. We were full of wonder of their Creator. Their inflatable rosy neck flaps, territorial stare-downs, and push-up routines reminded us not to take ourselves and our posturing so seriously. Lord, restore to me my capacity to wonder, to watch, to rest, and to laugh. Thank you for creating lizards.

"Ride On, Ride On, in Majesty"by Henry H. Milman, 1791-1868

1. Ride on, ride on, in majesty!
Hark! all the tribes hosanna cry.
0 Savior meek, pursue Thy road,
With palms and scattered garments strowed.

2. Ride on, ride on, in majesty!
In lowly pomp ride on to die.
0 Christ, Thy triumphs now begin
O'er captive death and conquered sin.

3. Ride on, ride on, in majesty!
The angel armies of the sky
Look down with sad and wondering eyes
To see the approaching Sacrifice.

4. Ride on, ride on, in majesty!
Thy last and fiercest strife is nigh;
The Father on His sapphire throne
Expects His own anointed Son.

5. Ride on, ride on, in majesty!
In lowly pomp ride on to die.
Bow Thy meek head to mortal pain.
Then take, 0 Christ, Thy power and reign.

The Lutheran Hymnal
Hymn #162
Text: Matt.21:9
Author: Henry H. Milman, 1827, alt.
Tune: ÒWinchester NewÓ
1st Published in: _Musikalisches Handbuch_Ó
Town: Hamburg, 1690

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