Dear Driver of Texas R90-ZNV,

I would like to send you a gift, so please contact me with your address. It is not the gift that you flipped me after you got my attention with that loud solo on your brass instrument at the intersection of Coit and Spring Valley at 2:55 p.m. today. I guess you were a tad peeved that I chose not to enter the intersection when the light was already changing from yellow to crimson. Your black Honda Accord with the cute little spoiler would have entered the intersection well into the red light. Back where I grew up polite ladies in their mid to late thirties like yourself would no more enter an intersection on red than wear white before Easter. Your hand gestures seemed to indicate your temper was hotter than the Starbucks you spilled in your lap. It is sad that you were two minutes late for your date with a head of lettuce in fresh produce at the Beltline Road Kroger's all because of me. It is sadder that you were following so close I could check out your retro Patti Duke flip hairstyle in my mirror. And so, I would really like to send you a cd. Just contact me, and a copy of WRR 101.1's "Road Rage Remedy" will be in the mail to you tomorrow.

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