Cosmetic Issues

We have just welcomed a 1990 Nissan 300ZX with rebuilt engine and significant cosmetic issues into our little family. It is white with a red interior. Steven is going to have to love it like the Velveteen Rabbit and Pinocchio so that it will turn into a "real" car. Right now he's sudsing and soaking it in a hot bath. Then maybe if we give it some chicken noodle soup, sugar cookies, and a bedtime story, it will look beautiful in the morning!

We also have a new coffee-maker. This time it was the on/off switch that died on Mr. Coffee. As Steven says each and every time when I bring home a new one, "Mom, you just don't have good luck with coffee-makers." I guess I ride'em hard and put 'em away wet. This time I got a "programmable" one so I can wake at 5:30 to the smell of coffee--if I can figure out the instructions. At least the coffee-maker doesn't require Armor-all.

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