Spit curls

Two first-graders styled their hair with papier mache goopy-goo (Ross Art Paste) today. The effect was quite dramatic. Ross Art Paste is non-toxic, cheap, and long-lasting. Perhaps if the word got out, we could bring down the megabucks hair products industry. Goopy-goo doesn't say much on the box about it's actual contents. I've always figured it was made from pulverized yak toenails, so I tell kids it's just like Jello without the color. Most of them don't eat it. They prefer using gluesticks for lipstick.

Remember that white paste that came in gigantic jars? I have a precise visual memory of the Sunday School room where I first tasted that heavenly delight. It must have been a three-year-old's cosmic experience. I can still see the dark wood tables and scary, shadowy brown brick fireplace on that gray, rainy morning. Some folks find the Virgin Mary in a poorly installed double-pane window. I tasted direct evidence of God's bountiful goodness that day.

Found an old letter from Mary from back when her kids were toddlers. She said their uneaten breakfast Pillsbury cinnamon rolls smelled just like Play-Doh. As a person who still loves to wham the cardboard tube on the edge of the counter, this has been a troubling concept for two decades.

Coming soon: The lion and the lamb. One three-year old brings her Fisher Price sheep to camp tucked in her undies. Last camp a kid kept a quarter in his Under-Roos, but had to constantly verify that his funds were safe. Never underestimate the importance of a full-service bank that gives you peace of mind.

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