Big Mama Crocodile

The swimming pool has reached a perfect temperature for morning swims now that our daily highs are near one hundred degrees. None of that jumping around on tippy toes to get used to the water! Now I just lumber in like a big mama crocodile, and hang in the water waiting to bite large fish and small children. Since neither are present, it's wonderful to watch the blue dragonflies and listen to the locusts and mockingbirds. Naturally, this extreme aerobic exercise makes me ravenous.

It's amazing to me that this is our seventh summer in the condo. That is the longest I've lived anywhere in my adult life. When we moved here after the divorce, the boys were still young enough to need adult supervision at the pool. They jousted with those silly pool "noodles", building both noodle weapons and noodle steeds. They taught each other to dive, and had breath-holding competitions. They learned to be considerate of the old ladies, but when no old ladies were around, they had excellent water fights. We worked out the snags in our new family arrangement, and splashed off a lot of custody/visitation stress.

This is my real home now, and life is good. I hope someday I will share the pool with grandchildren. They will learn to be considerate of this old lady, but we will also have excellent water fights.

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