Stayed up late, lordy, it must have been nearly 11:30 CDT, to make Chex Mix the old fashion way for my youngest. Had to stir it every half hour, of course. We call it Kris Kringle Krunch in my family, even though it is ninety+ degrees outside, and it is one of my son's Basic 4 Food Groups. (Yes, I'm so old I don't know the Food Pyramid). His four groups are bagels, strawberry Yoplait custard-style yogurt, burn-it-himself cheese quesadillas, and Chex Mix. All washed down with Dr. Pepper. During the school year this diet is enhanced with apples and Domino's pepperoni pizza. Because he is sixteen now, he is trying new foods, and has actually managed to consume hamburgers when the social situation required. His dad managed to eat perfectly charcoal-broiled Nebraska corn fed T-Bones just long enough to woo and wed me. Then he reverted to his preferred vegetarian diet of M&Ms and beer, with the occasional brussel sprout or kohlrabi for garnish. Kohlrabi, the veggie from outer space!

Sure hope NASA can launch the Mars Rover. Spent a lovely portion of my childhood building Lego vehicles inspired by the Chariot of the "Lost in Space" TV show. After a long day, I wish I'd concentrated on building force fields.

Coming soon to a theater near you: "Danger, Mrs. Robinson, danger." Koo-koo-ka-choo.

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