How can you have any pudding?

Gruel is such an odd word. Like suet and porridge, it seems to come from an ancient dwarf language...

It was a grueling day in Art Land. We started our papier mache crocodiles. G'day mates! Are you thinking Dundee or Hunter? Used washed-out plastic water bottles, scavenged from soccer teams, for the body. Added a french fry box for the head. You know, the cardboard sleeves for McD apple pies, etc.? And no, for once they aren't recycled! Then cut a triangular section from a 2-litre pop bottle for the tail. Now time for the legs. That's when we put the Bridge Club Ladies' empty Rx bottles to use. At four bottles per student times 28 students, we use a lot of cholestrol, blood pressure, thyroid, and hormone replacement bottles! Thank heaven those Ladies take lots of drugs! Now for the eyes made of tiny plastic Easter egg halves. Since one half is round, and the other is oval, the croc seems to be winking.

Do you know that Cub Scout pack meeting sing-along standard, "The Lady and the Crocodile"? Goes about like this:

She sailed away on a sunny summer day on the back of a crocodile.
"You see", said she, "He's as tame as tame can be. I'll ride him down the Nile."
The croc winked his eye as she bade them all goodbye wearing a happy smile.
At the end of the Nile the lady was inside, and the smile was on the crocodile.

Always comes to mind when someone is in denial. Not good, but better than being in decrocodile.

Some other day: Gender differences in elementary student behavior during initial exposure to papier mache paste: A Master's Thesis? Was it good for you, too?... Teacher! Teacher! Can I wash my hands? May I wash my hands? Well, I suppose that would probably be better than licking it off!... Also for PE credit, a beginner's guide to floor slime skiing.

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