Scuba drama

Had to "dress up" for this camp's performance day. I love having a job that requires jeans and tennies 99% of the time. I can get by without pantyhose even on show days, which is a dang good thing in Texas. Today I couldn't wear my natural linen pantsuit with the raspberry knit shell that perfectly matched my toenail polish. I had to wear the black sleeveless challis and the Cornhusker red linen jacket with my uncomfortable black sandals. My toenails clashed!

At the end of the preschoolers' Australia play the kids who were the scuba divers in the Great Barrier Reef were supposed to say, "That was a fantastic adventure!" Everytime they ran through it this one little girl would belt out, "That was an enphastic adventure!"

"Enphastic Adventure" was probably the name of Clashing Toenails' first rock CD.

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