The beginning

Creating a new blog can't be any more embarassing than the rest of my day. Dressed up as an Aussie Outback guide, taught kids to make burrito jeeps, and received a large shipment of recyclables from the Bridge Club Ladies back home. Some of the Ladies have been playing bridge together for over fifty years. Today's box contained the responses to my plea for Seventies fabric remnants. I offered the Ladies unconditional Polyester Double Knits Amnesty. No questions asked. No judgments made. I need these other-worldly remnants to clothe genii hand puppets in August. The genii will travel by flying carpets made of interior decorating upholstery swatches. The Ladies can't see well enough to sew these days. Their daughters loathed the polyester hot pants, midi skirts, gaucho pants, and those groovy giant zippers for bodysuits their moms wanted to sew. Those daughters were busy discovering the Grateful Dead, staging high school moratoriums, fearing Nixon, and wearing denim. Can't really blame either side. Luckily, those remnants were packed away in decaying corrugated Almaden boxes for thirty years. Perhaps the Generation Gap can be plugged with hot glue, wine corks, and sequins.

Coming soon: A Medicare prescription bottle plan

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